Bestow Upon Us a Black Nintendo Princess

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Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry has given the British royal family their first black princess in an over 1500 year reign. Disney has had a black princess since 2009 when Tiana was presented to the world in the smash animated feature film “The Princess and the Frog”. Even emojis evolved in 2015 to allow for black princess representation. 

Yet there is still no black princess within the Nintendo universe. Nintendo has been a pioneer and leader in the video game industry since the 1970s, yet over the past 40+ years there has been a glaring lack of diversity in their character development. We have a blonde princess in Peach, a brunette princess in Daisy, a space princess in Rosalina and even arguably a gender bending princess in Zelda when she transforms into her alter ego Sheik. Yet those princesses have one thing is common, they are all unmistakingly white. 

So join me in petitioning Nintendo to leap into a more inclusive future by introducing us to a black princess of their very own. If the Monarchy of the United Kingdom can welcome a black princess with open arms into their midst, surely it is time for the Mushroom Kingdom to do the same. 

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