Petition to make Nintendo collaborate with Build-A-Bear to make Animal Crossing plushies.

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I believe the Animal Crossing community would really enjoy it if Nintendo and Build-A-Bear Workshop would collaborate to make Animal Crossing plushies. 

I think Animal Crossing fans of all ages would like to buy or even create one of their favorite characters from the game series. These would include characters such as, Isabelle, Tom Nook, Kapp’n, Blathers, and so many more. I also believe the fans would enjoy being able to play the upcoming title , “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”, alongside their favorite soft fluffy character from the game.

This collaboration could also benefit both companies. Build-A-Bear would receive more customers from the Animal Crossing community, and Nintendo would receive extra advertisement and attention to customers to purchase the new game.

Please sign this petition so that hopefully this can happen!