Get Pokémon Adventures / Pokémon Special "Pokéspe" Manga An Anime Adaptation!

Get Pokémon Adventures / Pokémon Special "Pokéspe" Manga An Anime Adaptation!

December 2, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mae R

Hello, my name is Mae. If you have any questions about this petition, please scroll to the bottom to look at the FAQ's!

I created this petition in the hopes that you, a possible Pokéspe fan, would be willing to join me in having it be adapted into anime form. You're probably wondering what sparked this! Well, honestly, the creation of this petition is nothing more than a whim. I'm not expecting it to go far, but that doesn't mean I won't see it through if it does. 

Personally, I dislike the anime that airs for Pokémon currently. The plot seems to be rather nonexistent, and it's always Ash / Satoshi who is behind the wheel. As it has been... for, well, years. I feel that's too repetitive, especially when we see little to no character development or even physical aging for this character. As the years pass, he becomes more and more... bland, and less relatable. Dislikes aside, there's some quality animation in that series, which makes it easy to admire.

When it comes to Pokémon Adventures, here is why I believe it to be better and deserving of an adaptation:

There are many diverse characters with personalities that are actually tangible. You can tell who is who just by the way they are posed. The plot in Pokéspe... well, there's an actual one! It's visible throughout all if not most of the story. It's one that keeps many entertained and due to the care put into the series, fans are drawn to it.

I keep seeing on YT videos all the time regarding Pokémon Adventures- people, like you and me, wishing there was a show for it. But, keep in mind I'm not asking they keep everything the same. I won't object of course! But, there are definetely things to be improved (I'm in no way saying Pokéspe is perfect). Looking at you, Mirage Island- is somebody cutting onions??

So, let's do something about it. Let's make this dream into a reality! Please, if you have the chance, consider spreading this petition among your friends; every signature is going to count.

It's up to Nintendo and the Pokémon Company after that. 

Possible FAQ'S:

Q: What is Pokéspe, Pokémon Adventures, and Pokémon Special?
A: They are all the most commonly used terms for the same thing: the official Pokémon manga.

Q: What will you do if this petition meets it's goal?
A: Send Nintendo and The Pokémon Company an email, and really hope for them to move forward with it.

Q: Why do you want them to make the series' into an Anime?
A: Because it honestly doesn't seem to get the recognition it deserves, and because I would love to see the splendid characters animated rather than leaving how they move in the manga up to interpretation.

Q: What if I have a different question?
A: Then ask away! I'd love to hear it, and I'll do my best to answer promptly.

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Signatures: 44Next Goal: 50
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