Nintendo Stop Using Prison Labor!!!

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Recently many companies have been called out for their abuse of prison labor and their profit off the backs of essentially enslaved individuals. Among them was a company very dear to my heart, Nintendo, a company that has made record sales during the COVID-19 pandemic and has also been a source of much joy and relief to many of us during this time of isolation and fear.  

I am a self-proclaimed Nintendo nerd. My favorite game series of all time are the Legend of Zelda games and the Pokemon games. I have a tattoo inspired by Breath of the Wild. Video games, especially those made by Nintendo, have been a positive and creative outlet for me as an introvert. I'm sure the same can be said by countless others. 

However, the fact that Nintendo profits off of prison labor is a fact we cannot simply ignore despite the comfort these games may give us. The prison labor system in the United States was created as a way to legally re-enslave and disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Black people. By using prison labor, Nintendo is profiting off a system that has used and abused the stolen lives of Black people, many of whom have entered into the prison labor system without a fair trial. By using prison labor, Nintendo is telling its millions of fans, Black and non Black alike, that they care more about easy money than they do about justice and the lives of their many supporters. By using prison labor, Nintendo is proving to us that the inspiring and joyous worlds they have created in their games are nothing but false screens to hide the utter greed hidden within their company ranks. And if they continue to use prison labor, then we as consumers will only be contributing to an unjust system that has oppressed Black people for over 150 years and to the overwhelming gluttony for money and lack of humanity that seems to have infected Nintendo and far too many other companies.

I call on Nintendo to do the right thing and end all prison labor contracts immediately. Show us that you believe in doing the right thing, that you believe in the righteous fight against evil the way so many of Nintendo's characters do.