Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 2

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We were promised Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 2 after Fawful's final death, however, AlphaDream went bankrupt due to slow sales and rising development costs, while the Thousand Year Door Nazi Party and Arlo Hitler had the Coronavirus enigerred by their Chinese contacts through infecting a bat with the virus. Then, Nintendo broke the promise of creating the new Paper Mario (Known as Paper Mario: The Origami King) after Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 2 by announcing it before Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 2, due to the evil King Olly stealing Paper Bowser's Minions by turning them into Folded Soldiers against their will (Which include the Paper Bone Goombas, Paper Ptooies, Paper Buzzy Beetles, Paper Pokeys, and Paper Yellow Shy Guys), and holding back the Paper Koopalings from meeting their regular selves.

  1. After King Olly is thrown into the shredder, Nintendo must finish Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 2's development that was rudely folded away.
  2. Have the Paper Bone Goombas, Ptooies, Ice Bros, Sledge Bros, Mega/Big Goombas, Micro Goombas, Yellow Shy Guys, Pink Shy Guys, and Dino Rhinos team up with their regular counterparts, while the Paper Buzzy Beetles, Pokeys, and Paper Cheep Cheeps do the same after they missed out on the action the first time.