Make Pauline Playable In Mario Games!

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When Pauline was first seen in Super Mario Odyssey, fans immediately fell into love and became overjoyed and they were right to do so. Pauline made an epic comeback! She came back in the most creative and fun way and had instantly became a fan favorite! Pauline has been around for nearly 40 years and not once has she gotten to be a playable character in some of the Super Mario spinoffs and or sidegames! She could help balance the roster and give the roster more uniqueness and provide more female representation for the Mario series! Pauline deserves a chance as she was part of the Triforce that birthed the Super Mario Universe! Mario Pauline and Donkey Kong all started the series together and Pauline somehow got left behind and now that she's back, It's time for her to become a staple in the series. She is 30 years overdue, it's time for a change! Make Pauline a recurring Super Mario character! Make her playable!