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Make a new Pokemon Snap game for the Wii U

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Pokémon Snap was a beloved, though forgotten gem of gaming that couldn't reach its true potential due to the limits of the N64. I think it's time to make a new Pokémon Snap that utilizes the Wii U's tablet controller and camera. Instead of looking around the virtual world with the control stick, moving the tablet would let you extend the virtual world all around you, sort of like in Nintendo Land's main hub. You would be able to search for most any Pokémon to photograph by actually moving the camera around your room. They could even go a step further by using 3DS to Wii connectivity to let your success in Pokémon Snap give you actual bonuses in the handheld games. Currently the list of upcoming Wii U games is lacking a fun photo game which the tablet would be perfect for. I believe if we get enough signatures and let Nintendo see they'll realize how many people would buy such a game if it existed, and from what I've seen so far online there is still a decent amount of people who fondly remember the old Pokémon Snap. So come on Nintendo, Pokémon Snap U!

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