Make a full Waluigi game.

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Again, and again, and again, Waluigi has been slighted. From being cast usually as a villain, to removal from games, to being the only main Mario character without his own game, he has been constantly disrespected by Nintendo.

However, the biggest insult came at E3 2018, in which Nintendo showed off all of the new characters for Smash Ultimate, going so far as to proclaim "Everyone is Here!" Everyone, that is, except for Waluigi. The tall, purple hero was instead cast as a pitiful Assist Trophy, appearing only in the trailer to show off how Assist Trophies can now be KILLED. That's right - to rub salt in the festering wound of Waluigi's lack of inclusion, he appeared as a punching bag to a main character. This needs to change.

Be it Luigi, Wario, Peach, or even Captain Toad, side characters throughout the entire Mario series have been given their own featured games to star in. It's time to give the prince of purple his time in the spotlight.

The intent of this petition is to convince Nintendo to make a full, AAA, game starring Waluigi. After years of scorn, we will not take any more abuse or ignorance of the warrior of Waah. We will accept no less than an adventure rivaled by no other. This petition is for a Waluigi masterpiece.

Please, Nintendo. Let him have his time. Make Waluigi for Switch.