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Let's save Nintendo Miiverse and Wii U chat!

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08/29th/2017 Nintendo has announced that they will discontinue Miiverse, Wii U chat and TVii on November 8th!
Not that I use TVii But I like sharing my snapshots on miiverse, so does everyone else! Some people even draw masterpieces on there! And some really like to use the chat as well to keep in touch! This makes this fun for everyone! Not all of us has a SWITCH! Why? We all can't afford everything! Why does Nintendo have to take all the fun away from Wii U? There's still a lot of us Wii U players out there! What's next? Taking away online play? This was one of the reasons I got a Wii U so I can play with my long distance friends and family!


This petition is for us to try to tell Nintendo to keep Miiverse and Wii U chat, or at least give us a way to share our snapshots/drawings... like facebook? DeviantART? Have our Nintendo accounts link to these for a way to share our content! Keeping Miiverse is an easier option, you just don't throw something out we all enjoy doing and not replacing it?! It's so unfair! If you the gamers can help me reach this goal, share this with everyone, have everyone sign this, share it to Nintendo, share it everywhere! We need this!

Please Nintendo give us something to share our gaming content for the Wii U users, if its not Miiverse let it be something new, or social media like facebook. I have been such a loyal fan, even when you do dumb stuff like this, only this time I have something to say. :/

Thank you everyone for looking into this! Plz

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