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Implement Dynamic Age Ratings on Game Consoles.

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Currently games are given an age rating based on the content in the game. Because of this publishers and developers often have to alter their games to get a lower age rating.

To help solve this issue I propose that games implement what I am calling "Dynamic Age Ratings".

Instead of games needing to be altered to fit a certain age rating I propose that games be programmed with multiple age ratings built in.

The age of the player can be set in their profile or parental controls. Then based on the age of the player certain content may be altered to be more appropriate for their age.

So in other words 18+ players will be able to play a completely unedited version of the game. A 16+ year old playing the same copy of the game may have some violent/sexual scenes toned down. a 12+ year old playing the same copy of the same game may have blood effects toned down. There are many other possibilities.

There are also some games which deal with topics which are too mature to tone down. So when displaying the games in shops rather than showing the single age rating the games would show which age ratings are available to be selected in the game.

I believe this will help gamers and publishers alike. Publishers will no longer need to pick a target age group allowing them to target a broader market, and gamers don't have to worry about content being cut to reach a lower age rating.

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