Give Waluigi a chance in the spotlight

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Waluigi is a video game character from the Super Mario series that made his debut in the gaming world on July 21st in the year 2000. The game that he debuted in was Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 system. Since then, Waluigi has been in a majority of the Mario spin-off's and sports games. However, Waluigi has never starred in one of the main Mario titles, or been featured with his highly assumed to be brother Wario in one of his games.

This petition is to help give Waluigi a chance in the spotlight. Whether it would be in his own game, a major boss role, a Wario/Waluigi game, a role in the WarioWare games, or simply anything of significance. Let's try to show Nintendo that we want to see Waluigi get his chance in the spotlight!