Devil's Third: Keep The Wii U Server Alive

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Devil's Third: Keep The Wii U Server Alive

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Started by Jake Mercier

   Devil's Third is a unique game.. Panned by many Reviewers an Gamers alike it seemed as though it was doomed from the start. Released in limited quantities, the game obviously didn't have a big community surrounding it. But what I got out of the game was much more than I could have ever imagined..


   For starters, the main reason why so many people had problems with this game was the Single Player. Which, was a bit laggy at times an some frustrating moments but I didn't find it all too bad. Anyways, the thing that I commonly noticed in reviews for Devil's Third was the lack of attention on the Multiplayer, sometimes not commenting on it at all! Which I feel is a crime because this is where this game truly shines.


   On top of the regular modes you may see in titles like Call of Duty there were really fun n unique ones such as Chickens and my personal favorite Carnival. Where you have to throw fruit into a blender that you get from Vendors to score points and it's just chaos haha. But where the game truly shines is the Clan Warfare, in this game you don't jus put a Clan Tag on an that's it. No, you create your Clan, give it a name, emblem, an then other players can join your clan either by Free Entry or Application. 


   From there, you create Bases which hold as Maps in the Siege Mode where you either Attack an enemy clans base or defend your own. You can create Alliances with other clans, or start a War with others, even going so far as to send Propaganda to clans! It's actually really creative. Your Clan gains Battle Points which puts you up on the Leaderboard as you fight for Area Dominance and Clan Dollen. I won't get too deep it because there's a lot more but you get the idea of an all out War going on.


   For me, I love the concept I've always wanted a game like this.. Where you create your own Base MMO style but then actually fight in it going 3rd/1st Person duking it out with a rival clan. It makes the game feel real!! But over time it became much more than that, because since we didn't have a huge community we all got to know each other. An it actually became heated rivalries and good friendships. During the course of the game I have actually gained many new friends, as well as enemies but hey that's the name of War! So it may not have a Huge Community, but those that are in it are so devoted to the game that it still has a Strong Solid Community within the game..


   During the course of the Online going on I mean it has had almost Wrestling level Storylines, I can't even begin to tell you how much has gone on in this game!! Lol, actually if you check out our Clans page at we have our complete history on there. Written from my perspective, so take that whatever way you will, if you want their sides of the story you can ask them hahah. We even have a list of the Top 10 Players on Devil's Third of that goes to show you how much we love this game.


   So, logging on to find out that in jus weeks over a year since its release that the Servers are going to be shutdown.. That was honestly depressing and a blow to all of us. Many us all have put countless hours into this game and it's jus kind of shocking to hear it will be going away. This Game has been like a Story to me, ever since I have created the Clan D4RK Z3R0 lemme tell ya it's been a wild ride!! But good or bad I wish I could continue that ride! Which is why I have created this petition.


   Now I don't know, if the Servers are shutting down because of the small amount of players online or the fact that the game is going to PC and there could be legal issues and what not. But all I know is that despite the very small community this game has, it's a community I want to continue to be a part of. On the PC it won't nearly be the same, plus all our progress will be gone lol.


   Bottom line, all I wish is for the Servers to continue running, I had a feeling it would come to an end, but not this soon.. So if you would please sign this petition to let Nintendo know that we want this Games Servers to stay online. Every Signature Counts!!!


   Regardless of what happens, to everybody involved in the Devil's Third Community; whether I have loved or hated you or you loved or hated me in this game, Thank You.. It's been a hell of a ride man.


  - Jake Mercier A.K.A. FiEND


   Note: Sadly, I don't really expect much from this Petition with a fairy tale ending an our Servers will stay up without a problem. Most likely nothing will happen.. But, at least we can say we tried!! Also thank you to Valhalla Game Studios and Nintendo. It was fun while it lasted!!

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This petition had 109 supporters

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