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Clean up your conflict minerals

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In a recent report issued by the Enough Project ranking tech companies Nintendo came in dead last. In reviewing and grading efforts toward using conflict-free minerals in their products, Nintendo resulted with a 0% ranking and refusal to comment to the Enough Project when conducting this report.

I am a high school student who grew up playing on Gameboys, and I’m surprised and disappointed by this news.  Nintendo, the world’s largest gaming company, produces video games for children and families of all ages. According to this report, they’re also complicit in a bloody conflict in Eastern Congo that has been raging for over 15 years and have indirectly funded the abduction of children for soldiers, brutality against women and atrocities both within and outside the Congo nation.  Armed groups destroy communities while trying to gain control of these local mines and resources that produce the minerals that go into our smart phones, computers and gaming consoles.  My Gameboy and your Wii are not worth the rape, war and devastation that took place to produce it.  I’m fighting back.  

While Intel, Motorola Solutions, HP, and Apple have been labeled “pioneers of progress” by moving forward to develop solutions despite delays in the legislative rule-making by the S.E.C., Nintendo has made no known effort to trace or audit its supply chain.  They have remained silent.

What can Nintendo do to clean up their supply chain?  They can:

• Trace: Determine the precise sources of the minerals/metals used in their products.

• Audit: Have detailed examinations of their mineral supply chains conducted to ensure that a) minerals are not sourced from conflict mines and b) no illegal taxes/bribes are paid to armed and violent groups in Congo. Credible, unbiased parties should conduct or verify these audits.

• Certify: Help consumers be able to purchase conflict-free electronics made with Congolese minerals by supporting a certification process.

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