Tell Nintendo to bring Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort to the Nintendo Switch!

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When I was a child, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort were my favorite games. Instead of going outside and playing like a normal child, I played Wii Sports Resort with friends. I used to brag that I had gotten all of the i-points in the Island Flyover mode, swordfight with friends, and beat everyone in wakeboarding. We still get together and play games on Wii Sports to this day.

The music is also just as great. You see, one of the best parts of the Wii was its music. Each "app" had its own beautiful music. For instance, the Mii Maker had jazzy, bossa-nova style music while the Wii Shop theme was bright and exciting. The Wii Sports music was no exception. I know the theme by heart, and it's such a great tune.

Thus, the Nintendo Switch was actually kinda disappointing. Yeah, it had great games, but it had no Wii Sports on it. I am not the only one who seems to want this. There are others like me who want the chance to play Wii Sports on the Nintendo Switch. If we get this on the Switch, then we can play Wii Sports anywhere, whether at home, school, on the bus, or at a friend's house.

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