Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Additional players have severely limited gameplay

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The release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been very positive, receiving multiple favourable reviews from reliable sources, all being over 8/10.  However, myself and many others on the r/AnimalCrossing subreddit feel as if the game is in need of several changes, most regarding multiple players on the same console, to bring the game from an 8/10, to a 10/10.

The main issue is how the "Resident Representative" feature is handled.  When starting the game, after a short tutorial sequence, the first player is named as the Resident Representative, and is tasked with helping the island grow.  This causes many issues for any additional players playing on the same console however, including:

  1. Not being able to donate bugs and fish to Tom Nook at the beginning of the game, and therefore not receiving the DIY blueprints that Tom Nook gives you for donating said bugs and fish, although the axe and watering can blueprints can be bought later
  2. Not being able to progress past the point of the Resident Representative
  3. Not being able to upgrade the Residential Centre
  4. Not being able to place or contribute to resident plots
  5. And possibly many more, seeing as how the game is still very new

This is wrong.  For a game based around community, playing with others on the same console should be encouraged, not discouraged to receive more console and game sales.  Nintendo games have always been based around family, and this "feature" breaks down that concept completely, creating conflict between children who both just want to help build a villager's house.

In all, this "feature" needs to be changed quickly, in order to keep those who are sharing a console from quitting the game out of frustration.  We ask for all players to be able to gain the same benefits of being Resident Representative, or at the very least, for the role of Resident Representative to be switched between players at will.  The ideal solution to this issue however is for separate Switch accounts to have the option to have their own island, but we also understand that locking the game to one island per Switch is a desperate grab for more Switch sales.

We, the fans of this almost perfect game you've created ask that you heed our request for perfection and makes these changes soon.


The Animal Crossing Community