Added Functions & Features: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Added Functions & Features: Animal Crossing New Horizons

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Shelby Joestar started this petition to Nintendo

It's no secret that Animal Crossing New Horizons is a popular game - however it's also no secret that the community base behind this booming game also feel that there are a lot of things that need to be changed, or added, to make playing the game more fun and easy.

The game is meant to be played at a relaxed pace, however there are a lot of things that take away from that chill vibe we all know and love.

Note also that Nintendo has stated they want to keep us playing for a long time - this is part of why they have time locked events. Well, I think a lot of these things will help keep people interested and keep people playing longer instead of losing interest and getting frustrated with those annoying little things or, larger annoying things. 

And if you're like me, this is probably your favorite game series. And these functionalities (or lack there of) have probably frustrated you as well. 

I've taken the time to gather things players- new and old to the series-want added to the game and have complied a comprehensive list. This list however is ever growing and things may be added. 

This list is in no particular order however I tried to keep similar ideas next to each other.


  • Move resident services building
  • Move a bridge, incline or building instead of demolishing and then rebuilding it. Sometimes we just need to move a bridge, incline, house or building over a space or two, but we can't really just move them a space or two over. Having the option to just move an existing structure a few spaces instantly would help a ton in this regard. Perhaps if its within 10 spaces we can have the option to "move instantly" - it can cost more bells so it can be an instant task.
  • Related to above; to change a bridge type of an existing bridge. Maybe you want to do a different theme or just change the type of bridge of one of your existing bridges. But that means demolishing and then rebuilding the bridge. Being able to change an existing bridge would help remove all that unnecessary back and forth that annoys a lot of people. 
  • "Commission" to change your island name. I think this could be done by needing to collect a certain amount if signatures from your islanders! As well as a bell fee (50k recommended)
  • Durability meter on tools so we know when they are about to break
  • Get rid of the animations after you catch insects/fish/sea creatures/ manila clams if you've already caught them. (Option to enable or disable feature)
  • Dig up rocks to move them. (Suggestion - must have 10 eaten fruit in order to pick up rock, depletes food bar)
  • Larger item stacks! 99 instead of 30/10/etc
  • Wide angle camera so we can take better pictures of our islands
  • Bulk item crafting. Let us craft more than 1 item at a time!
  • Remove all patterns displayed on ground function - remove ALL & remove all of selected one.
  • More design slots. Can be something to purchase with nook miles.
  • Allow us to store our crafting materials at home but be able to utilize them away from home. That way we dont have to have 10 slots or more of our inventory constantly filled with just crafting materials.
  • Some kind of indicator on clothing items you already have when purchasing from able sisters changing room
  • Bulk buying at the able sisters changing room. It's very time consuming and annoying having to go back in repeatedly to buy multiple shirts, dresses, hats etc.
  • Bulk buying from nook shopping (suggestion maybe increase limit from 5 to 10 or 15)
  • Increase limit of bridges and inclines from 8. I suggest at least 10, but 12 or 15 would make a lot more people happy. It's a major complaint I've seen.
  • Continue adding new hairstyles and color options. That's really cool and excites the community! I know we want more hair color options.
  • Dead Trees. Perfect fruit. Miss those would love to see them brought back.
  • Flowers, shrubs, tree varieties. Those types of things continually added would be neat. Especially around in game events! New flower type added for christmas, a new tree variety added for an event. *Maybe something like the cherry blossom tree can be specialty purchased from Leif that he bred to specifically bloom year round.
  • MORE GROWABLE CROPS LIKE PUMPKINS! We love those and would love to see more. Strawberries, wheat, corn, grapes, tomatoes, for a few ideas.
  • A craftable item that catches balloons for us? Like a balloon net or "magnet". It only functions when we are outside and if we go inside, the balloons that were caught despawn. Maximum of 10 balloons can be caught per net. Multiple nets can be crafted to catch additional balloons. You do have to go pop the balloons still. Or additionally, a button could be on the net that says pop balloons and it pops them all for us. Not everyone has the ability to sit and farm for balloons for extended periods of time, this would help those people.
  • Bring back additional shops: option to purchase a building for the travelling merchants like Leif and Kicks. A lot of people want to see Leif have a shop again, and even Kicks. These could be optional, so if you never build the shop, they will continue showing up by cart only. 


How I think this could be implemented to be fair and balanced:

  • You can only unlock additional island purchases if your current island is 5 stars.
  • It would have to be pricey. Maybe even potentially cost BOTH bells and miles.
  • Nook will call you one day when you log all in and say he has something to discuss. Upon talking to him he has a proposition for us. Realizing we've managed and run this island so well, he wants to send us to a new island to run that one as well. He says how much it costs. Upon making the deposit, we get to choose an island layout again. (Pls let us choose from more island layouts for this. All of the options available.) He then tells is to head over to DAL and tell orville we would like to fly to our new island.
  • From here it can either operate just like the start of your new game, nook is there and tells us we gotta get kk to come to this island and all that. The beginning tutorials are void however.
  • You cannot have dupe villagers (ie if coco is on your main island she cant be on any additional islands)
  • Possible: when a villager says they wanna move from one island, an additional option is now available: move to (island name)? They will then move there if there is a plot of land available.
  • When you once again hit 5 stars, Nook will again contact you. You will then be able to purchase another island. *I do not think the price should increase. As it should already be expensive in the first place.
  • A limit of 6 or maybe 10 islands in total you can have. Every time your newest island hits 5 stars you can then go buy another from Nook.

This may be a fruitless endeavour we embark upon, but I'd rather at least try to get these things into our beloved game and improve it beyond our dreams than sit back and complain. Join me. 

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