Call for Erin Molan to be fired

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This is a call for Erin Molan to be fired from Nine Network and their wide world of sports.

Recently on 2GB radio during a conversation about player names with the Co-hosts of the Continuous Call, Erin jabbed 'hooka looka mooka hooka fooka' during a discussion about how to pronounce the names of players from Polynesian heritage.

She has since refused to apologise. Molan has repeatedly claimed the statement was an 'in-joke' between the commentators - despite fellow hosts Darryl Brohman and Mark Levy remaining silent after her comments.  

'What? I'm not sure what she said there,' a confused Brohman said about Molan's comments, before Levy quickly moved on to an unrelated topic.

Polynesians who represent about 45 per cent of players in the National Rugby League competition deserve basic respect and shouldn't be subjected to inadvertent racism.  Instead being empowered to be proud of their names, ancestors and culture.

The whole world is protesting about Black Lives Mattering and she is being blatantly disrespectful and racist so far with no  consequences.

This also isn't her first public bullying incident. She has previously "fat shamed" former NRL star Dave Taylor and also taken aim at players and their families for their wishes to have medical freedom of choice.

Its time Molan be held accountable for her blatant bullying, disrespect and racism and be fired/blocked from being part of the sporting world.