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Rescind Building Permit for “Kinnick” Party Venue on Lusk Ave in Iowa City

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We, the undersigned property owners and voters of Iowa City, petition the Board of Adjustment to rescind the building permit for the proposed structure at 101 Lusk Ave for the following reasons:

1. The City of Iowa City staff misclassified the proposed structure as a single family residence and erroneously approved it for RS-5 zoning.  This sets a dangerous precedent for all of Iowa City.

  • There is no showing that the proposed structure will have a separate sanitary sewer to the City’s sewer main, which is required for all single family dwellings.
  • At 7400 square feet in size, the proposed building will replace a single family home of less than 1,000 square feet.
  • The structure is not designed a single family residence. If built, it will be a party venue owned by non-residents to entertain very large game-day gatherings.
  • Equipped with a commercial kitchen, large numbers of toilets or urinals, a two-story basketball court, and a separate entrance for the family, the building is more in keeping with a commercial or entertainment district than a low-density single-family residential zone.


2. Taxpayers—now, or later–will be required to subsidize this private scheme heavily because of public infrastructure improvements that the project will require.

  • Lusk Ave is narrow and the infrastructure of the location is very old and woefully inadequate for this project.
  • It constructed, this building will endanger public interests with respect to fire, safety and rescue efforts; parking; traffic congestion; and watershed.
  • Taxpayers will eventually be asked to widen streets, improve storm sewers, guard fragile areas against watershed and erosion, and provide safe means to get to and from this location.


3. The use of this facility will threaten public safety.

  • Fire trucks and emergency vehicles will not be able safely to get to, or exit from, emergency calls at this large-capacity, entertainment venue, because it is at the dead-end of one of Iowa City’s most narrow paved streets.
  • Lusk Ave. is a dead-end, 20-foot wide street and it only extends one-third of the length of the party venue’s lot.
  • Fire trucks are ten feet wide and have large turning radii.  Parking is allowed on one side.  Fire trucks and emergency vehicles called to the site will not be able to turn around.  The public is placed at risk when response times to real emergencies are slowed.
  • Pedestrians and other vehicles will be placed at risk by the burdens placed on this area by this proposed entertainment venue.


4. Storm-water runoff from this very large entertainment venue will cause environmental harm by threatening bordering property with large amounts of runoff.

  • The very large lot for this proposed entertainment building will be cleared of mature trees and foliage and it will be covered with a massive structure and hard-pavement surfaces.
  • There are no storm-water sewers on either Lusk Ave. or the adjacent Bayard St., which also drains to Lusk Ave.
  • The proposed structure will add significant runoff to Lusk Ave., which ends abruptly on the steep slope of a ravine—right of way owned by the City of Iowa City, and, then, by private land owners.
  • There is significant erosion at this site already.  Except for the property of others, including the City’s property, the storm-water runoff has nowhere else to go, and the erosion will worsen substantially.
  • The City imposes strict guidelines upon private owners in sensitive ecological areas involving slopes but has issued a Building Permit for a project which will cause great amounts of run-off on the City’s own property.


5. The proposed structure will have many negative effects on the surrounding neighborhood.

  • The RS-5 zone that covers Lusk Ave. is for low-density, single family residential homes, not entertainment venues.
  • This planned 7400 sq ft entertainment structure is roughly 10 times larger than any of the 3 abutting residential properties.
  • The proposed building is nearly three-times taller than neighboring properties.
  • The proposed building lines a street with brick facie with few windows– appropriate to a football stadium, but unfriendly to those residing in and walking through the neighborhood.
  • Property values and privacy of neighboring properties are threatened when the City does not enforce minimum expectations created by our zoning laws.


We believe that the letter and spirit of City code have been ignored and abandoned at the expense of our neighborhoods and taxpayers. This sets a dangerous precedent. The correct action is for the Board of Adjustment to rescind the Building Permit.

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