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Hamilton School name result - The HWDSB Trustees were split by the name proposals. Tesla had a strong showing, but in the end local sports popularity came out ahead.

At the end end, the trustees decided to go with Bernie Custis. The first black quarterback in professional football, who overcame great obstacles for his time. The Trustee that put the motion forward that was approved, spoke of his adopted brother who was black and Custis was an inspiration to him. They recognized that Bernie had a longstanding connection to Hamilton and that he was an educator.

Nikola Tesla was strongly supported by one of the trustees. Trustee Ray Mulholland, Ward 4, clearly got it. He pointed out that if the school was two block away, it would be called Delta. He recognized the students, who spoke in June (Michael Wolfe & Jovan Popovic). They were inspired about technology. He recognized that inspiring and technology are the key. Unfortunatley, his position did not receive sufficient support to defeat the motion on the floor.

Trustees who voted for motion in support of Bernie Custis name were;
Greg Van Geffen Ward 13 & 14
Dawn Danko, Ward 7
Todd White Ward 5
Jeff Beattie Ward 9 & 10
Kathy Archer Ward 6
Wes Hicks, Ward 8
Alex Johnstone Ward 11 & 12

One door closed but new doors are opening. Nikola Tesla received the endorsement from the Deans of Engineering at both Mohawk College and McMaster University. Thank you to Mr. David Santi and Dr. Ishwar Puri for your support before the HWDSB Trustees.

Til next time:  Please follow  or for new initiatives and ways that NTEC is moving forward.

Thanks you to all who supported this initiative.  Till next time...

Vic Djurdjevic

President,  Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation, A Registered Charity 

EI2I - Educate and Inspire will lead to Innovation.




Package with 11,700 signatures, of which over 4,900 were from city of Hamilton was withheld from name selection committee.  Furthermore, some trustee are upset about efforts of NTEC efforts. NTEC efforts were to get the binders released to the Trustee.  They were withheld for over 6 week.  Trustees were unaware that the package was delivered for them.

Now media is pushing for local football player, coach, principal name to selected.

Trustees - send this to students to vote on 3 names that they liked out of 5 names

  1. Bernie Custis – Football player, inspirational story, but we need to inspire a broader base of students than athletes.  As a former principal of Memorial – Stoney Creek – his name would be appropriate for the rebuilt school.  Rebuild will be opportunity to change school name.  Custis is a perfect fit for this school. 
  2. Sannon Koostachin – no connection to Hamilton - School needs to be named close to her home not over 1,000 km away.
  3. Scott Park – old school name – will not inspire students.  No new perspective.
  4. Nikola Tesla – inventor, scientist, engineer, man who made possible Hamilton to become 1st major city in Canada with hydro-electric power, later earning the name the Electric City.  Tesla impact on the city is immense.  Every citizen who has ever lived or worked in Hamilton, has been affected by countless number of Tesla Inventions.  Tesla is synonymous with high tech.
  5. Trillium – official flower of Ontario, concept of 3 schools coming together.

What can you Do to Help 

You can still help the proposed name by calling or e-mailing the school trustee for your area.  Check link out to find your trustee.   

 Results will be known in September.


Encyclopedia Britannica lists Nikola Tesla as one of the top ten most fascinating people in history. So why is he virtually unknown to the general public.  

Nikola Tesla’s contributions to science and technology include the invention or contribution to the AC electrical system, radio, television, radio-astronomy, remote control and robotics, radar, medical x-ray and the wireless transmission of electricity. Many of Nikola Tesla’s inventions were considered too revolutionary by government agencies and the power brokers of the time.  Nikola Tesla's inventions and body of knowledge are inspirational to students.  Once they learn about him, they are inspired.  We need to educate our youth on the foundation of today's technology.  The hydro-electric system that powers the whole world is a prime example of his technological superiority.  

Naming a school in his honour will educate and inspire the students to learn more and advance his body of knowledge with new and/or enhancement of his inventions.  The City of Hamilton ON, Canada has already recognized Nikola Tesla's contribution to the city in 1898, when it became the 1st major city in Canada to be electrified using Tesla's AC polyphose system. The development earned the city the name "The Electric City". Hamilton has named a major street, Nikola Tesla Boulevard and "Put Tesla on the Map." Thanks to hundreds of people from around the world, and the thousand who attended fund raisers,  Nikola Tesla Education (NTEC) was able to raise the necessary funds to pay for the name change. NTEC is using the excess funds to offer scholarships and awards in Nikola Tesla's name.   Now let's put Tesla in the minds and hearts of our youth.  Let us inspire the youth to follow in Nikola Tesla's  innovative spirit and mind.  Help us, (NTEC) to achieve this next step.  The school will be named late 2018.  The exact date has not been  announced.  So please act now as we may have to act quickly once the date for submissions is announced.

We need to demonstrate to the school board that Tesla is relevant and important, locally, nationally and/or internationally.  We can accomplish this with your support.  Please sign the petition and leave your comments.  Anyone in the whole world can support this cause. Someday we hope that there will be school all over the world in his name.

 Ps.  Donation request after your signature does NOT go to NTEC.  Do not donate any funds as part of this process.