Accept Community Submissions to make/amend Koala Habitat Area Determinations.

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My name is Warner and I am the Self Appointed Alpha koala Leader of our community.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am 6 years old, weigh 8.15 kg and I am a male Phascolarctose Conereus, otherwise known as the vulnerable koala. I am one of most well-known koalas in the area. My mates and I live in amongst the current industrial sites and rural residential homes just as our ancestors have always done. Largely we coexist very happily amongst a peri-urban landscape. I believe we can happily continue to coexist alongside one another as long as our tree corridors remain with protections applied and I believe this is what you can help me with. 

Legal rights as a person have now been afforded to both Animals and Rivers such as The Ganges River in India and the Whanganui River in New Zealand. In the Australian Capital Territory, animals are now recognised as ‘sentient beings’ with laws that protect and consider animals’ feelings as well as their physical well-being. Therefore, considering these precedents we entrust this State Government also to recognise the community of Urban Koalas that live at Warner as being the current “tree/land owners” of these properties and therefore have every legal prerogative to lodge a request for a Koala Habitat Area Determination.

With the introduction of the SEQ Koala Plan on 7th Feb 2020 the new mapping now means that Developers can develop land zoned rural/rural residential that is adjacent to urban areas. Both sides of Warner Rd are mapped as Koala Habitat Restoration areas only. Restoration areas are non-statutory, therefore no protection is afforded to the Warner Koalas despite evidence of home ranges within this area.

We have sought clarification and immediate rectification of this oversight from both Minister Enoch and our local MP Nikki Boyd but to date, nothing in writing has been received to confirm our community of Urban Koalas and the wildlife corridor that is essential for their ongoing survival is protected from over development.

As a community there are no opportunities for our collective voice to be heard to make, amend or revoke koala habitat area. The policy only allows “landowners”. This is fraught with danger and presents an ethical quandary. Australia is based on a democracy where equality is the core principle. It would be our request that your policy guidelines were updated immediately to a utilitarian approach whereby the most ethical choice is one that will produce the greatest good for the greatest number. We ask this change be made to include: Community groups, Traditional Land Owners and the region’s Fauna and Flora to be recognised as allowable entities that can request an amendment to the State Koala Mapping and Koala Habitat Determination.

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