Leana Marie for Diversity and Inclusion Expert at CorePower Yoga

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Leana Marie is a former CorePower Yoga manager and teacher.  She was a member of the CorePower community for five years: an assistant manager in Hawaii, a studio assistant and later promoted to manager in Atlanta, and she managed a new studio in Washington D.C. before the company laid off the majority of employees at the end of March due to the coronavirus.

When employed at CorePower, Leana Marie advocated for a diversity and inclusion training program, due to the lack of representation and support in the company for herself and the very few black instructors that taught there. She spoke to Human Resources, upper management, and leadership in the corporate offices. Leana Marie even spent unpaid time creating her own diversity training presentation to educate her fellow coworkers and management, but her efforts were met with inaction. 

Two weeks ago, Leana Marie brought to her community's attention a harmful post that a (now terminated) CorePower Master Trainer posted on social media. It caught the attention of CEO Niki Leondakis, and she reached out to Leana Marie to apologize and personally discuss how CorePower could make changes moving forward.

This past weekend Niki Leondakis sent an email to the CorePower community stating they were committed to improve diversity in the organization and are taking "immediate actions as [they] continue to build a long-term plan." The CEO stated they would partner with a "reputable diversity and inclusion expert" and form a "diversity and inclusion advisory council" to educate and hold CorePower accountable. 

Please support me in nominating Leana Marie to be hired for this position. Leana Marie has dedicated her time to advocating for and educating around diversity and inclusion, and she has experience working firsthand with the CorePower students and company. She is passionate about elevating opportunities for the marginalized and much-needed voices and representation in the yoga community. Please join me in holding CorePower Yoga accountable-let Niki Leondakis and CorePower know that we can no longer support businesses that don't take action in hiring people of color for leadership roles. Let CorePower know you stand behind Leana Marie and the black community-our voices together can create change. Thank you.