Nike- Stop using Hermes/Evri to deliver

Nike- Stop using Hermes/Evri to deliver

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Why this petition matters

Started by Ollie Raison

Thousands of people in the UK purchase shoes online from Nike. These are then delivered successfully to our door. This had been working brilliantly through DPD for a number of years.

But this week, things have changed. Nike have no started using re-branded Hermes to deliver our product.

Hermes is the worst delivery company in the UK. 
- They dont hand parcels directly to people.
- They dont care about delivery of parcels
- They often fail to deliver to the correct house
- They often damage boxes and items being delivered.

Hermes have just undergone a name change. They are now 'Evri'.
But the name change has not resulted in better service.

In just the first week of Evri delivering, they have
- Failed to deliver a limited edition sneaker to me (photograph of someone elses house entirely)
- Delivered a box with a huge rip in it.

I was expecting three deliveries, they screwed up two of them.

NIKE switch back to DPD. Evri might be cheaper for you but YOUR CUSTOMERS HATE THEM.

254 have signed. Let’s get to 500!