Start sale of jerseys of Indian National Football Team #BackTheBlue

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With India all set to host one of the biggest footballing events, the FIFA Under-17 World Cup, it is now the best time to give the fans of Indian Football what they have been wanting for a long time now...a chance to wear the Indian National Team's jersey.

The World Cup is the best possible launch pad to start the sale of jerseys to the general public, with demand being at the highest level. In the past, there were fears of lack of demand; but now, in general, there are many more regular followers of the Indian National Team.

We have all seen people wear the cricket team's jersey and watch the football team's match in the stadium. Why??? As the football team's jersey is not available for purchase. So come on Nike and AIFF, give the fans what they want!!!

If you want Nike and AIFF to start the sale of the National Team's jersey, please sign this petition and make our voice heard.

#FootballTakesOver #BackTheBlue