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Nike lead the world to a shoe box free planet!!

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Hello World!

My story starts with a friend that loves to buy sneakers! We were on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and she wanted the newest pair of Nikes.  I watched as she decided to wear them out while her other shoes were put in the shoe box then a plastic Foot Locker bag.  She's thrilled about her new Nikes and for some reason I was thinking about the shoe box.  We got home and she took out her old shoes from the shoe box and then threw the shoe box away.  I was thinking what a WASTE!

Here's the problem :


Why Shoe Boxes?

  • Brand exposure and equity
  • Protect the shoes while shipping from factories, to distribution centers and to retail stores
  • Consumer transports from retail store to home
  • Correct labeling of the shoes

Shoe Box Post Uses

  • Storage for shoes, photos, baseball cards and receipts

Basically, the shoe box is used for storage!

Shoe Boxes are a Waste!

  • Consumer only uses them for 10 minutes if that.
  • Cuts down trees at some point
  • Increases overall cost to Nike even if you reduced the weight of the shoe box like they've already done
  • Expensive packaging since numerous sizes are needed for all the different shoe sizes
  • Increased carbon footprint


Stop using Shoe Boxes and start using Shoe Bags

Why Use Shoe Bags?

  • More uses - gym bag, grocery bag and storage.
  • More brand equity and exposure
  • Nike could probably create amazing custom shoe bags for different lines.  Think like Apple bags you get from the retail or better.
  • Less space needed at retail stores
  • Less bag sizes to purchase since the bag accommodate more shoe sizes
  • I have to believe that it would cost Nike less for the shoe bags
  • Less space needed in landfills

Why Shoe Bags make sense for Nike?

  • Nike is the Worldwide Leader in the sneaker market and their lead will make others follow suit
  • Nike has an entire division on Sustainability!
  • Doing the right thing is interwoven into Nike's corporate culture
  • Making this change will disrupt the industry!!

There's probably hundreds of millions of shoe boxes being thrown away every year.  

I was hoping with your help we can get the attention of Nike Corporate, Nike's Sustainability group and Phil Knight!!  We can stop this unnecessary waste!

Thank you for your time and pass the word around.

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