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Quit corporate support for Lance Armstrong

Many former colleagues and associates of Lance Armstrong have revealed a deceptive, calculating and controlling sportsperson who appears to have become a global superstar through hard work, talent and ... mastery of the art and science of banned performance enhancing drugs. Their statements are now readily accessible at and should be reviewed by anyone who hopes for sporting heroes our children can believe in. They did this despite intimidation, legal threats, and in some cases considerable personal and professional humiliation. Armstrong seems determined to use his profile, legal arsenal, and corporate supporters such as Nike, Anheuser-Busch and Trek to discredit these witnesses and the USADA process. These witnesses, who are bravely fighting for cleaner sporting competition and more truth in public life, deserve our support. We believe it is possible for all of us to continue to support, encourage and inspire those facing a frightening battle with cancer through many existing avenues, while simultaneously supporting a higher level of ethics in sport and business.

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    Nike, Anheuser-Busch, Trek and others

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