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On April 18th Nightculture, Full Access/Prototype Industries, and Disco Donnie Presents hosted a festival called Something Wonderful at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX.  During this festival several issues came up that were not handled properly, and did not deliver the experience that was promised by these promoters.  The stage was sectioned off, hard to see, hard to hear and was partially blocked from view.  Security and crowd control were unnecessarily excessive and rude, and although the tickets clearly said rain or shine, the festival was cancelled and all attendees were kicked out into the rain and cold, which quickly passed and would have been fine to finish out the festival.  Attendees were limited to 2500 people at main stage, and had to wait in long lines to get to it, once in, there was no food, water, bathrooms, or places to sit, which I feel jeopardized attendees safety.  The crowd control should have been addressed and fixed before the event even took place, you should not sell more tickets to an event than you have room to accommodate.  Also, many guest were not even allowed entrance into the festival, or were sold tickets only to find out it was canceled.  I feel like the promoters of this event very poorly executed the organization of the event, and allowed poor treatment to paying customers.  We understand that the weather was out of anyone's hands, but there was a much better way to handle the whole day, and with a little more organization and patience, the festival should have been able to continue.  People paid large amounts of money for not only tickets to the event, but in some cases hotel, transportation, and time away from work.  This was in no way shape or form the event that was advertised to us, and some did not even get let in. 

We want full refunds back for our tickets.  TODAY!

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