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Nigerian Senators/Reps: Stop death of Nigerians who can't afford health care

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Health Advocacy, Promotion and Partnership by Youths in Nigeria (HAPPYNigeria) needs your help to actualize equity in Nigerian healthcare system.

G.D is a 24 year old Nigerian, an exceptionally brilliant final year student of the Nigerian Law School, Abuja. One day, he woke up from bed and was told by his roommate that his eyes were swollen. It cleared later in the day. Some weeks later, he noticed his legs were swollen and that he was making less quantity of urine than before. He went to the hospital, tests were carried out and he was diagnosed of chronic kidney failure. He was commenced on haemodialysis and scheduled for transplant. Both parents were civil servants but could not afford to raise N5m needed. His friends launched #SaveG.O appeal on twitter and facebook and were able to raise the money in 4 weeks. However, G.O was not clinically sound enough to go for the surgery. He died a couple of months later. The friends were outraged and devastated. The doctors said he would have survived if the transplant was done earlier than when the money was made available. This is a true life story.

Nigeria is too rich to allow her citizens suffer this fate. Pregnant women still die from child birth, millions of children die from preventable/curable conditions like diarrhea, malaria, etc. 70% of health expenditure is out-of-pocket, yet two-third of Nigerians are living below poverty line. No jobs for the youths. Our family members, dear friends and mentors are dying young because they cannot afford drugs or hospital bills in good time. The youths resorted to raising money through social media to save family and friends but donor-fatigue has set in. Yet on daily basis, we read about stolen billions from our collective wealth. Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana are poorer but spend more to save their citizens than Nigeria does.

HAPPYNigeria asks for your help. The National Assembly is on the process of amending the National Health Insurance Scheme Act. The youth would get them to insert provisions that would guarantee social health insurance coverage for the following;

- all health emergencies in all hospitals

- children below 5 years 

- physically challenged people

- elderly people above 65years

- families making less than 70% of the national minimum wage per month

- the unemployed 

- people that needs kidney transplant and other expensive treatments.

In other words, government will pay for their healthcare. If Rwanda can do this, why can’t Nigeria? For every 30 seconds you read this piece, at least on Nigerian child has died from a curable disease because the parents are poor. Your signature will make change happen. Please sign now, and share it on your blogs, BBm, google+, twitter and facebook pages. Let's #SaveAll

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