Removal Of The Nigerian Minister Of Health- Dr Osagie Ehanire

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Given the current wave of Covid-19 Pandemic and its Advent into Nigeria, it is glaring that the Nigerian Health Sector is in shambles.

The Nigerian Medical Doctors are paid just a stipend of 5000NGN as hazard allowance to be in the frontline against Covid-19.

The Minister Of Health, Dr Osagie has feigned ignorance in the welfare of his colleagues and other allied Health Professionals. He has shown that he doesn't care about the wellbeing of Medical Doctors nor the health team. He is not willing to admit that Doctors are paid a meagre 5000NGN to risk their lives against the most infectious disease today.

Just this week,we lost a Medical Doctor to Covid-19. The Minister of Health showed no form of sympathy ,rather he supported the importation of Chinese Doctors into Nigeria, which is against the Medical and Dental Council Ethics in Nigeria.

Dr Osagie has shown to be shameless in his comment just recently and doesn't represent the Health Care System in Nigeria.

Our Ghanaian counterparts are well taken care of at such a time, but Nigeria wants her health care system and workers to suffer. This is not an act of heroism but an act of human sacrifice.

Dr Osagie doesn't deserve to be the Minister of Health in Nigeria. He evidently said that Doctor just screen for temperatures and it's part of the routine for Covid-19, and consequently do not need a pay raise.

Dr Osagie is a disgrace to the Nigerian Health care system and deserves to be removed.

I hereby call on all Medical Professionals in Nigeria to sign this petition to register our dismay and possible removal of Dr Osagie.

Thank you