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Revise the collegiate eligibility rules to accommodate student-veterans

Student-veterans are filling up classrooms in colleges across the nation, and are encouraged to participate in activities that will yield meaningful relationships. Currently, USA Rugby's eligibility rules limit student-veterans from participation by enforcing a strict five-year eligibility window that nearly always renders student-veterans ineligible to play. This prevents an emerging and important pool of rugby players from enjoying the college experience that they have definitely earned. Sign this petition to support the following addendum to USA Rugby Rule 4.3.2:


If a student-athlete enlists for Active Duty during any portion of their five (5) Academic Years of eligibility, they will receive an additional year of eligibility for each year of Active Duty service completed, assuming they have not played collegiately at any military acadamy or All-Service level team.

Letter to
CEO, USA Rugby Nigel Melville
Rugby is a thrilling sport played all over the world. A compelling blend of size, speed, creativity, and fortitude, the skilled rugby player is a breed of athlete that is talented in multiple disciplines and perhaps unrivaled in competitive sports. The same can be said about our military veterans, showing discipline and toughness both at home and abroad, they are also talented and multi-disciplined. It only seems right then that these two personas have the opportunity to meet and perhaps push American Rugby to new heights.

Unfortunately that isn't a possibility given the current USA Rugby regulations governing collegiate eligibility.

We believe that student-veterans should be welcomed to the pitch, not kept from it. Don't let bureaucracy and well-intentioned rules be the only thing that stops them from lending their unique set of experiences and principles to the game of rugby. Please make the necessary changes to embolden the growing sport by encouraging participation, not restricting it.

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