Petitioning CEO of Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare Nigel Mason

Stop selling animal products at your animal sanctuary cafe

Currently the Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, an animal sanctuary in Ringmer, East Sussex, serves meat, dairy, egg and fish in its café.

Raystede is also an educational centre, inviting families and school parties to learn from them how to be compassionate towards animals. Serving meat, dairy, eggs and fish in their café is therefore sending a confusing message, one which is very detrimental to the cause. If Raystede served only plant-based food in its café then it would send a clear and consistent message:

“There is no need for animal protein in the human diet and therefore eating it is done only for pleasure. Animals suffer horrifically for the meat, fish, dairy and egg industries and since hurting animals for pleasure goes against everything Raystede stands for, it will not serve animal products in its café.”

Raystede: Stop contributing to the suffering. Please make your café vegan.


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    Nigel Mason

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