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Edward Burbank
Uckfield, ENG, United Kingdom

May 14, 2019 — 

Have you noticed that whenever someone from Raystede is challenged on this issue, they use the excuse that it's all for a good cause?  They'll say something like "we have been targeted by animal rights people but we just get on with life as normal: saving thousands of animals".  As if it's like carbon offsetting (the animals we save cancel out the animals we kill).  Well, I have just been contacted by a man who, after reading the Daily Mail account of this story, decided to look closer at Raystede's numbers.  He shared with me the letter he subsequently wrote to them.  Now I'll share it with you:

Dear Raystede,

I have noticed on your website, on your annual reports and in the news, that you use numbers to assess the level of success at which you are achieving your charitable aims. As a mathematician this interests me very much so I decided to delve a little deeper into the numbers to see exactly what they tell us.

According to documents submitted to the Charity Commission, Raystede employs

*  96 paid staff
*  150 volunteers and
*  6 trustees

Between them, according to the CEO job description at in 2018, they rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and provide sanctuary for more than

*  2,000 animals per year.

According to the charity's magazine in 2017, Raystede welcomes

*  200,000 visitors every year

Also according to the same magazine, the majority of those visitors are meat eaters, so we can estimate that

*  150,000 meat eaters visit Raystede every year.

A lot of them eat at Café Raystede but probably not all, so let's assume that

*  100,000 people choose to eat meat/fish/egg and/or dairy based meals at Café Raystede every year

My research has revealed varying estimates of the number of animals killed for consumption per year, per consumer, ranging from 37 to 404, depending on the person.  So, I will choose the most conservative estimate of 37 animals per year per person given by the Vegan Society's Veganalyser app.

If a single meat eater's diet results in the death of 37 animals per year then

*   37 ÷ 365 = 0.1014 animals killed per day per person

*   0.1014 x 100,000 people =

10,136.99 animals killed for Café Raystede every year.

So, every year 252 Raystede staff, with almost £3 Million in donations
*  SAVE approximately 2000 animals
*  and KILL at least 10,137 animals
You kill five times more animals than you save.

By contrast, 252 vegans, without needing to raise any funds, will save at least

*  9324 animals (252 x 37 = 9324) just by being vegan. EVERY YEAR.

If Raystede made the cafe vegan, those 100,000 meat eaters would still visit, but they'd eat a plant based meal at the cafe instead of an animal based one. Then, even if those meat eaters didn't make a permanent change to their diet, Raystede would have saved over 10,000 more animals a year, bringing their annual total save up to at least 12,000.


Next time you contact Raystede, tell them that!

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