Stop the forced removal of Footscray's street traders!

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The Problem

Protest against the forced removal of Footscray's informal traders on Leeds Street. For years, informal traders have contributed to the vibrancy of Footscray's urban character. These traders are now under direct threat, amidst a Council-backed policy to enforce fines and unfairly regulate this practice. 

These traders are representative of Footscray's unique multi-cultural identity and their forced removal is symbolic of the calculated gentrification of Footscray, concealed under the banner of 'urban renewal'. This issue is more pertinent now than ever- the loss of the Saigon Market has left a void which is quickly being filled with over-scaled and insensitive developments.

What can you do to help?

Place pressure on your local councillors and the City of Maribyrnong to re-consider this decision. The next council meeting is 6:30pm on Tuesday 26 June 2018. Email your attendance and barrage the City of Maribyrnong at

This policy change appears to have bypassed Councillor input.  Email your local Yarravile Ward councillors and request they place pressure on Stephen Wall (City of Maribyrnong CEO) and Nigel Higgins (Director of Planning Services) to reverse this decision and engage in a fairer decision-making process. The Yarraville Ward Councillors are:

  • Cr Simon Crawford
    0429 388 196
  • Cr Mia McGregor
    0429 236 044
  • Cr Martin Zakharov
    0432 139 613