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Give Teens who Torture/slayed animals in Cult Rituals the Maximum Penalty

Delaney Walters, 18, and Mark Tyler Ainsworth, 17,  skinned and gutted a dog named Camo and hung his corpse from a tree.  They also killed two cats by beating and strangulation in what they contended were 'satanic rituals'   Sheriff Bridges, who is handling the case, said Walters had satanic like pictures in her phone, even a picture of her holding the dog's heart.

Sheriff Bridges said, "In my 20 years, I believe this is probably the first type I've investigated where a dog has been tortured this way in a cult type activity." 

These two are clearly dangers to society and must be given the maximum penalty for this unspeakable crime.    We are filled with grief and anger for what those innocent animals suffered at the hands of these two fiends; there is no other word for them.  Our deepest condolences to Camo's owner.  We hope your beloved dog is given justice.

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