Allow the return of background music to Scottish license premises

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On the 14th August 2020, new measures had been put in place to prohibit Scottish licensed premises in the Hospitality Sector from playing background music.

In the tourism and hospitality sector guidance, it is noted "noise control is a complex area with many variables and further work is required to understand how it can be managed safely and consistently across the sector so that it does not pose a risk".

While operators appreciate the intention is to prevent raised voices or customers getting close, the restrictions are driving customers away from the sector and to house parties as an alternative.

For customers who would regularly visit licensed premises the atmosphere has changed drastically affecting profitability and putting previously profitiable businesses at financial risk.

Today, Sunday 30th August our company (S & G Aberdeen LTD) has had to announce our venue closure until a solution is reached that will either:

  • Allow Background Music in a licensed premises.
  • Support operational costs until it is safe to operate without restrictions.

This closure is deeply regreted and we had attempted to stay open with the new regulations in place but at this time it was not viable to operate as restrictions affected takings too harshly making our losses more than the cost of closure.
The closure is to help protect our staff team of 40 retain jobs for as long as we can support them, and we now wait for a solution from the Scottish Government.


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