Nicola Sturgeon MSP, we the people of all Scotland pledge to you by signing this petition we Trust You and Fully Support Independence

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 Relaunch off    ''THE DREAM WILL NEVER DIE'' Scotland needs to set herself free, away from the Tories,Redtorries and all of their affiliates.Dictators,Warmongers,The Hedge Row TAX Dodgers, The Corrupt Bankers. The Broken ''VOW''.The Watered Down Smith Commission. The Scotland Bill (all the recommended amendments proposed by the SNP that were ''declined'' by the Tories including Mundell or ''abstained'' by Labour!!). Do the Honourable thing, Support the SNP Party Leader, Scotland's First Minister, The Right Honourable Nicola Sturgeon MSP (Politician of the year 2015 UK WIDE 76%) and her 35 MPs, MSPs & Councillors , ALL of which ''WE Elected'' to Represent us. We wish to express to Nicola that there has been a substantial shift from 45% for Independence, and this petition to reflect % increased support ,through "We the ''Petitioners". Signing our petitions. Then forwards we progress positively with Legal Advice & Caution. Moving onwards Towards indyref2, when the time is utmost right!! .''Then Declare  Our Independence''. Take back what was Pre 1707 Democratically Ours, A Sovereign Independent Country SCOTLAND. To be Governed 100% from Holyrood & NOT Restricted as present with limited 20% Powers and Leavers given to Holyrood.(Breadcrumbs from Westminster) & ''Westminster retaining 80%'' off all Scotland's Vital Financial Important Powers & Decisions that would help our Holyrood Parliament Develop a Fairer and more Equal Prosperous Sovereign Scotland. Also protecting our fast growing World Leading Green Renewable Energy Sector ,Tidal Wave Energy & Global Leading Technology. Along with many other very important areas that Nicola and her Political Party have already included in their SNP Manifesto. Lets protect All our Industries, NHS, Schools & World Class Universities, The Police ,just a few to mention that the SNP have at the heart off their Manifesto. Nicola Sturgeon MSP and all her MPs, MSPs "They Swear Allegiance to all Scotland and Her People". Regards Syria, ''NO BLOOD IN OUR NAME!!''. ''BAIRNS NOT BOMBS!!''. ''Prosperity ''NOT FOODBANKS!!''. ''EQUALITY NOT AUSTERITY!!''. For Scotland to be ''COMPLETLY NUCULAR TRIDENT FREE ZONE''.   NO REPLACEMENT OFF WEAPONS OFF MASS DESTRUCTION!!. "Scotland's People" want to remain part of the "European Union!!". "SAOR ALBA GU BRATH". End ''ALL'' Welfare cuts, inflicting misery & Damage to all the Sick, Elderly, Disabled & The Most Vulnerable in our society!!