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Stop the legalisation of tail docking in Scotland.

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Across Scotland thousands of puppies less than five days old are about to be subjected to an inhumane treatment which involves the amputation of their tails using nail clippers, scissors or sometimes a rubber band, known as tail docking. The tail is part of the dogs backbone, it has between 4-7 paired nerves and 6-23 vertebrae and muscle, the skin is either cut  or crushed through to cut through the bone, muscle and tendon. This is done without anaesthetic. The evidence that this is painful to animals is overwhelming. Outwith the damaging effects of amputation, it affects them negatively throughout their lives. It is argued that dogs use their tails to communicate with people and other dogs and those who are 'docked' are dis-advantaged and are more likely to be anti-social and aggressive as a result of this.

Legalising it also results in many 'illegal tail docking' incidents to occur which have had horrific outcomes for dogs across Scotland due to it not being carried out by veterinary surgeons. This archaic practice, which was set up for hunting or working dogs was outlawed in Scotland in 2007. SNP and the Tories have just changed the law on this, linked to receiving a signed petition of 4,158 signatures from The Scottish Gamekeepers Commission, more commonly known as the upper classes. The consultation ignored the vast research that shows it is an inhumane practice and did not listen to consultation from animal welfare or veterinary groups who were against it.

The majority of countries around the world have outlawed this practice due to the overwhelming evidence against it and these all have working dogs. So why is Scotland going backwards in regards to animal welfare?

Show that we as a country care more about the welfare of our animals than the interests of a few. We need to work together to gain a minimum of 100,000 signatures to have this raised in parliament and show that we care more about animal welfare than the pursuits of the wealthy few.

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