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Ban the excruciating pain caused to dogs by docking their tails in Scotland.

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The Scottish government has allowed tail docking to be legal again in Scotland. Tail docking sees puppies younger than five days old have their tails amputated with no anaesthetic or pain relief. The WSAVA places limb amputation in the severe-excruciating pain category, supporting the concern tail-docking causes puppies unnecessary pain and suffering. Tail docking involves severing through bone, nerve, muscle, and connective tissue when pups are less than 5 days old, at which point it is very difficult to guarantee they will go on to be working dogs.

 Please do not sit back. Give these poor defensenseless puppies the voice they deserve. There is no reason why a dogs tail should be docked. The very fact it was banned in the beginning shows how cruel this is. Please sign please share and please do not allow this to continue.

Its also worth mentioning that the SNP and rest of the Scottish Government allowed this to be passed out of the public eye all though knowing that a survey showed 71% of people disagreed with this motion. Unfortunately its been legal in England and Wales for a good while but the Scottish Government originally banned this from being carried out in Scotland but have just recently made it legal. Please sign and please share. 

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