STOP College abandoning A-level students.

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STOP College abandoning A-level students.

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Our Daughter attends Tresham College, Kettering, Northamptonshire and is just about to sit her AS-Levels exams in May.
On Friday 22nd April a letter from Tresham addressed to our daughter landed on our door mat and completely rocked our whole world.

The letter in short stated that the college was unsure at this stage as to whether they would continue to offer A-Level courses during the 2016-17 academic year. 
The college was entering a period of consultation for 30 days and we should receive a decision by the end of May. 

This affects my daughter currently attending the college and my daughter who was due to attend in September. 

My daughter currently attending may not get to complete her 2nd year of A-Level studies at the college. This is unthinkable! 

This affects my daughter in many ways - 
1) She will be left with nowhere to finish her current courses - Law, Sociology & Creative Writing. This is because there is nowhere else in Northamptonshire that she can transfer to who offer the exact same course with the exact same exam boards. 
2) Because of point A my Daughter will have to restart the whole of her A-Levels again, meaning an extra year of study. 
3) My daughter has her heart set on attending Cambridge University and needs to get her application in by October 15th 2016, at this present moment in time she doesn't know if she will be completing her A-Levels this year and therefore cannot yet submit her application or prepare for any interviews. 
4) My daughter is 4 weeks away from sitting her AS Level exams and this uncertainty needs to be resolved ASAP and as simply as possible to avoid any further unnecessary pressure and stress. 

This affects my second daughter - 
1) She was offered a place at the college and we haven't applied at any other 6th forms or colleges. 
2) My daughter wants to be a Research Scientist and the A-Levels she had chosen at Tresham aren't freely available elsewhere. 

This affects us a family - 
1) we actively chose our house two years ago based on the location of the college in proximity to our home. This meant that both daughters were able to walk to school and college with no commute and were also available to use the college facilities/school facilities that would help with their learning and also give them the chance to enjoy a social life and striking a healthy balance in their lives. 
2) We have two younger children that are at Primary school that have to be driven to and from school at school times. We would have trouble trying to get four children to two/three different school settings and even with the option of public transport there is also the added financial burden. 
3) If our eldest daughter has to complete her A-Levels at a second college outside of the county this will severely affect our family life, time and will impose far too much pressure on our whole family set up. 

This affects the community - 

1) The loss of the A-Level courses at Tresham will mean extra pressure on the Secondary School 6th form teachers, places, and pupils. 
2) Some children do not want to stay on in a school type environment if they have had any unpleasant experiences and college allows them to feel like they have taken a step up almost. 
3) There will be a minimum of 22 redundancies as a result of this decision. These are good tutors that care an awful lot about their students and their results. These Job losses will also have a knock on effect within their own families. 
4) If this decision will affect us this way there are at least another 119 A-level students that will all have their own families that this will affect in similar ways to us. 

The solution - 

It would help if the college had given us any reason for this to be happening but they haven't mentioned why in any correspondence to us, they did however mention in a newspaper article that it was due to funding.
So, someone somewhere needs to resolve these funding issues for the sake of all these families and young peoples futures.  

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SIGN!!! and Share... This simply cannot happen! 

On a personal note - My eldest Daughter was born 12 weeks early and weighed just 1LB 13OZ and we were told she wouldn't achieve much academically .... This is the girl who yesterday was in tears at the thought it might jeopardise her chance at attending Cambridge University ... This daughter of mine has fought her whole life to get where she is now... PLEASE don't let her fight this on her own. We need people like her in our future!!!!!! 

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