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So many people within the Instagram community (particularly mothers) have been targeted for posting "inappropriate" photos when they are far from it. This is a call to action against the following reasons:

Censorship of the breastfeeding mother. A woman practicing her God-given right to feed her child is NOT pornography. A photo of a nursing mother is in fact beautiful, inspiring, and should be celebrated.

Censorship of a shirtless baby/ toddler girl. Since when did we begin oversexualizing our children? And not to mention supporting sexism? If they are boys it's allowed, if they are girls it's not? We are robbing our children of an innocent childhood by condoning these unjust guidelines.

Putting an end to social harassment and bullying. I believe Instagram was orginially created as a fun way to share photos with family, friends, and others alike. Somewhere along the line, someone decided the best way to showcase their envy of another person's life was to have their photos/ account removed - prompting the wave of followers who support this incredibly selfish movement. Instagram is banning people who don't deserve it because of someone else's jealousy and calling it "violation of community guidelines."

I know that a small call for change can become something so much more. I need your help in getting there.

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