We are requesting a book 4 of Avatar the Last Airbender or a adult Aang animated series

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Note: This essay will have a short and concise message presented, and for those who want to read about the details will have the option of reading that.

Short Concise Version: This petition is a formal request of expanding the original series of Avatar the Last Air bender to a book 4 or to another animated series based on the adult old team avatar. This petition is not meant to disrespect the creators of avatar nor towards Nickelodeon and Netflix. 

The long detailed version:


The Avatar community and I decided that we needed to make a petition to get a book four/an adult series of the original avatar team, and not saying LOK is terrible but it’s depressing seeing the original avatar team dead or too old (sorry Katara). We need to KNOW what happened when they were adults, and besides the comics series information given. This petition will not only unite the community of ATLA as one, but will help bring back the show that we grew up with and deeply loved. ATLA was no ordinary kids tv show, but a show that allowed us to escape to another reality and caused us kids to try to water bend in the shower (Don't deny it lol). Avatar the Last Airbender was a show that had every character teach us different themes that we can relate to as now adults (Mainly directed towards adults that grew up watching during 2005-2008), avatar had all these complex character background stories that made us connect to their struggles; like Prince Zuko (The greatest story arc of the entire avatar universe). 

This meaning of the petition:

I want to declare that this petition isn’t forcing Mike or Bryan to make a book 4, this petition is simply requesting to expand the original series to a book four or more. I understand that Bryan and Mike made their statements of not wanting to make a book four, because it will “water down the original series” (Said in a podcast). But this petition (if the petition has a large signing or a success) will show them that this series won’t be watering down the original series. The last thing I want to do is to offend or disrespect the creators of this show, I love their work and I know in my heart that the only way of getting a book 4 is by this peaceful petition and this petition will help unite the ATLA community. If this does work, and I know it’s a long shot, but this book four would be expected AFTER the Netflix series. So this will not interfere with their current progress with the live action Netflix Series, but simply to keep the book 4 idea in mind for later expansions of the avatar universe.I’m not just including book 4, there is a possibility of having another animated series or at least a short film based on the old avatar group 10-30 years after the 100 year war. I understand that Bryan and Mike are happy with the comics, but there’s obviously a big difference between the animated series and the comics, and also to point out that many fans are not reading the comics compared to the animated series. I understand that people who are anti-book 4 are ok with that route, but like myself and many, many fans of the avatar community will agree that a book 4/another series based on the adult old avatar team is needed!

Argument and solution of the voice actors; mainly focusing on the voice actor of Aang Part one:

For this argument involving the actor voices just proves a big point to do the series as soon as possible, because the longer we wait. The longer we wait the faster we will lose the original voices. Another big point is that since the avatar animated characters will be older/more mature in the book 4 or possibly another animated series but based on the ADULT old team avatar (around 10-30 years after the war), then the voices would fit in perfectly. If the book 4 still is DENIED or postponed for another 12 years then the opportunity of the show will be lost and the avatar community will become bitter and lose “hope”. I really enjoyed LOK too, but one of the main reasons why a lot of fans didn’t like it, is because the original avatar team was either dead or had no background stories to them (like Sokka and Suki’s relationship? Or did Sokka and Toph having a kid? Who was the mother of Zuko’s daughter?). last, was that the fans weren’t ready to give up Aang yet (I know he had to die in order for Korra to become the new avatar!!). The main thing we all agree with is  when fans demand on Bryan and Mike's Instagram/twitter posts “when is season 4 coming out” and etc., this is what I’m trying to change because that’s the wrong way of requesting a book 4. This petition will not only be peaceful, but will direct the fans that want a season 4 to force that energy on spreading the word of this petition to other fans and their families. Again, I want to declare that this petition will be done the RIGHT WAY, and in a way that will be respectful to the creators, Nickelodeon, Netflix, and the ATLA community!! 

Part two:

I will be talking about a situation where the creators went with the route of making the book 4 based on the comics storylines, and I will state how the original voice acting for Aang  will not be a problem. Aang will be 14 years old (in the comics it started a year after the end of the 100 years war) in book 4, and a boy's voice is proven to mature around 11 1/2 years old to 15 years old. The maturity of the voice will be official from 15-18 years old. With KNOWING this information, Zach Tyler (voice of Aang) was 15 years old in season three (2008), and today Zach Tyler is 26 years old and there was a video of himself doing an impersonation of Avatar Aang voice about a year ago, and it sounds the same as back in 2008! So Aang is not too OLD to play his character, besides the characters will be older and more mature so with the actors and actresses maturing as well...so the voices will show how the characters simply grew up. This will have a positive effect on the show (if a book 4 is released). The positive effect will be a reflection on how we grew up too, because we grew up watching this show when we were kids!

Bryan and Mike:

Bryan and Mike did state that there was meant to be “a beginning, a middle, and an end!”. This was one of two “reasons” for not having a book 4, and the second reason was in a podcast: the two creators said that they were thinking about a book 4 but “then M night (Director of the live action 2010 film) came into the picture”. So to be honest we still don’t know the true answer about if we were ever expected to have a book 4 back in 2010, even though Aaron Ehasz (Twitter) did proclaim there was meant for a season 4, and Mike wanted to have a redemption story arc for Azula! I know that Bryan's twitter post about not ever having a book 4 seems discouraging, but you have to be in Bryan’s shoes. Aaron Ehasz posted on his twitter about book 4, and because of his action this caused thousands of fans to spam and demand Bryan and Mike. This caused them to completely declare that there will never be a book 4. This was their best solution to make all that spamming stop, and quite frankly I would have done the same thing. BUT my petition is done the right way and we will never make that same  mistake. We will spread by sharing this cause and I know that if everyone comes together then we will be successful with this opportunity!!!!

Netflix knows how we feel about needing more Avatar:

Obviously Mike and Bryan know how we feel about this subject matter, also Netflix does too, and that is why Netflix is capitalizing the hype and the profitable opportunity, because they came up with a live action series based on the ORIGINAL SERIES. In fact, this live action series is considering expanding over three seasons. Even though there’s no official information released but this does show that Bryan and Mike are open to having a book 4 or a book 5. This shows that they are open to the idea of expanding, but just not in an animated series of the original series YET. In the other conversations I had, I declared that this petition is simply a request to the creators, Nickelodeon, and Netflix to be OPEN to a book 4 animated series. 

A sign of Hope: 

I know this is a long shot, but many similar successful petitions started in these small steps where we are now. In time I am confident that we will gain large support, but the best way for this petition to work is by sharing this petition to all fans of avatar. I already have someone that works at Nickelodeon that I can give this petition to when it is officially done, and I also have a lot of avatar fan accounts that are willing to help share this petition. So Avatar Community HOW will you save the avatar legacy?!