Keep Sex Fetishism Out of Children's Television

Bella and The Bulldogs, Nickelodeon’s top rated kids show, was co-created by Jonathan C. Butler. Butler’s previous work was a fetish film called The Cuckold, about a sadomasochistic sexual kink in which a white husband (the “cuckold”) watches while his wife has sex with a black man (the “bull”). Disturbingly, Butler’s Nickelodeon children's show also features references, themes, and symbols drawn directly from the cuckold sex fetish.

After being hired by Nickelodeon, Butler joked on Facebook about turning Nick into the “Kinc” network, posting a photo of himself posing with a giant KINC logo and suggesting titles for sex fetish-inspired kids shows. Joking about this would have been inappropriate enough for a Nickelodeon employee but Butler went on to do exactly what he had "joked" about doing.

When word started to spread about Bella and The Bulldogs’ cuckold fetish influence, Butler shut down his Mythological Beast production company website and altered The Cuckold’s summary on IMDB (Internet Movie Database) to make it sound more innocuous, removing references to a sexual race war and "primal vengeance". Butler also shut down his Facebook page, but not before his plans for the “Kinc network” were captured, along with his porn favorites.

The interracial cuckold fetish is rooted in the degradation of all parties involved. The black male is objectified and dehumanized as an animal (bull) while the white male is humiliated and denied gratification.  The wife degrades herself by having adulterous sex with an “animal”. References to such an abusive and psychologically violent fetish clearly have no place in a children’s television show.

We demand that Nickelodeon remove Bella and The Bulldogs from their lineup, fire Jonathan C. Butler, and offer an apology to the public for subjecting children to Butler’s sexual fetishes.


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