The Loud House Movie should be a gangster/Mafia film

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The Loud family would be visiting Europe and would fight an evil Mafia Don. The film would introduce the Louds' rich Irish-American distant cousins, Louis, his wife Margaret, and their children: Lorraine, Helena, Alexandra, Lorena, Louise, Richard, Ciara, Alanna, Delores, Elizabeth, and Lauren. The film would also introduce Richard's Italian-American girlfriend, Veronica Mangano and Lorraine’s boyfriend Sal Mangano (Bobby and Ronnie Anne's rich cousins who are their Sicilian-American counterparts). Also introduced is a fictional company called "Loud Industries", which is run by Louis himself. Richard, his older sisters, and their mother would speak in New York City accents, and so would Sal and Veronica.

Richard Loud, the heir apparent to Loud Industries and a friend of Lincoln, would be an amalgamation of seven of his relatives (He would have Lori's bossiness, Leni's compassion, Luna's love for music, Lynn's love for sports and martial arts, Lincoln's planning, Lola's narcissism, and Lisa's intelligence). His girlfriend, Veronica Mangano, would show soft love towards him, such as hugging him, kissing him, etc., but she would also be a tomboy like Ronnie Anne, Louise, and Lynn Loud Jr., as she would be skilled in sports and martial arts. Richard's parents, Louis and Margaret Loud, would be godparents to Bobby and Ronnie Anne.

The film should have hints that the wealthy Louds are Catholics. Various hints would be shown such as Louise and Lorraine's crucifix necklaces, Delores' tiara having a cross on it, L. R. wearing a cross lapel pin on his suit, the wealthy members of the Loud family crossing their chests as Catholics do to pray (Lana was praying in an episode called "Fool's Paradise", so this would be a reference to the wealthy Louds' praying), and more. The film will not say anything about any character's religious faith, but it will be similar to Zootopia where a crime boss and his family are shown to be Catholic through hints.

Since Chris Savino got fired for sexual harrassment, the person directing the movie should be Martin Scorsese. The film's producers should be Eminem, Karen Malach, and Robert De Niro. The music can be made by Doug Rockwell and Michelle Lewis, but Eminem should also be involved in making the music for the movie

The film would not just star the main cast of the show The Loud House, it would also include three additional actors: Jacob Hopkins, Mark Wahlberg, and Robert De Niro. Hopkins would play the family-oriented charming blond-haired rich boy, Richard Loud, Wahlberg would play the boy's father, Louis Loud, and De Niro would play the film's main villain (The villain's name is to be decided by the crew for the film, has to have an Italian surname though).

The main villain of the film is an Italian-American Mafia boss whose criminal organization is stationed in Great Lakes City. He would be ruthless, cold, and calculating towards his enemies, and also smart and have a soft spot for his family. He would have police officers and government officials on his payroll and would be even more dangerous than any other Nickelodeon villain ever featured, but to give him a weakness, he would be an old man who has to walk with a cane. He would also have five children (four sons, one daughter): His oldest son would be the family's underboss, his only daughter (second oldest child) would be married to a corrupt politician on her father's payroll (referencing Zootopia, where the Deputy Mayor, Bellwether, turned out to be a corrupt government official), his middle child (second oldest son) would be a lawyer and the family’s consigliere, his second youngest son would be a caporegime for his family, but he would be depicted as living a lavish lifestyle (adding an incompetent villain to the film) much to the dismay of his father and siblings (since they want to keep a low profile and to not attract any attention), and the youngest would be a scientist, caporegime and a rival of Lisa Loud.

However, to make the film rated PG, any blodshed that happens in the film would be in silhouettes, so that anyone watching the film, especially kids, would only see the shadows of the said bloodshed. That's what The Loud House crew did for the episode "The Price of Admission", they only show silhouettes of any bloodshed in the episode.

The reason why The Loud House Movie should be a Mafia film is that if The Loud House has characters who are mobsters, it would attract numerous fans of gangster movies such as The Godfather, Scarface, Goodfellas, Casino, etc. Another reason is that Nickelodeon created episodes that featured the Mafia, such as "Big Wanda" from The Fairly Oddparents, "Big Gino" from Hey Arnold!. etc., it would be similar to the Shark Tale film (where the Mafia is featured) and finally, it would be the first theatrical Mafia film ever produced by Nickelodeon.