The Loud House Gets A 'Twisted' 3rd Season.

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This Fall...

The Moment Of Truth Has Turned Into....


The Shocking Season 3 Premiere Of "The Loud House".

This Shocking Twist Includes:

* Lucy Will Opened Her Eyes With A Date With Rocky, When Haiku And Silas Shown Lucy's Eyes.

* Lily Changing 15 Months Into 8 Years Old.

* A Sequel For "No Such Luck".

* Lynn Trains Ronnie Anne To Fight Christina To Stop Crushing On Lincoln.

* Tabby Returns To Hang With Luna, Chunk, And Sam.

* A Sequel For "The Loudest Yard", Lynn Trains Lincoln With Polly Pain In Roller Blade.

* an episode about Lincoln's Birthday.

* Leni and Carlota Starting A Fashion Fight In A Sequel Of "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos".

* an episode in which Lincoln will run away, because he thinks that nobody loves him.

* an episode in which Lori is mad at Lincoln and yell at him: "I wish that I've just nine sisters!" Than she has a nightmare.

* Lincoln is inspired by his nightmare of the genderswitched Loud House (One of the Boys) and he want draw this as a comic.

*Lincoln is absent for a while (maybe he's on a vacation or in the hospital) and the girls begin to realize how important he is for the Loud House.

* an episode in which we can see a heartwarming moment with Lincoln and Aunt Ruth.

* Lincoln feel guilty about all the bad things which he have done in the past (look on the episodes list) and he want make things well again.

* Lincoln thinks that his father loves his sisters more than him and he want spend more time with him.

* A Sequel For "Ties That Bind". Lincoln thinks that he's ugly and want change his look; especially his hair colour. But his friends and his family prefers the old Lincoln.

* A Sequel For *Space Invader" Lincoln Goes Goth Again.

* Lincoln kisses one of his sisters on the mouth by an accident and now they're nervous and have no idea how they should act.

* Leni And Luna Kissing Lincoln.

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