Team Umizoomi Needs to Return with a Fifth Season

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Since January 2010, one of Nick Jr.'s educational TV programs, Team Umizoomi, was a fabulous hit when it comes to teaching young kids basic math. The show features three miniature heroes, Milli, Geo, and Bot (alongside their loyal automobile friend, UmiCar), and ran on 4 seasons with 78 episodes. The show got cancelled on April 2015 with their last episode, "Umi Rescue Copter" due to long delays between new episode airings.

In 2016, however, there is a Team Umizoomi Look & Find book that published at the time. The show also had most of its books appear as interactive eBooks in the Nick Jr. Books app in January 2017, and in the Counting Song music video with other Nick Jr. characters on January 2018.

Right now, Team Umizoomi is still doing reruns on Nick Jr. after its cancellation, as it's still popular, but not as much as before. So parents and grown-ups, this is the perfect opportunity to release Season 5 of that show with new exciting math adventures for all your kids to enjoy, even though the executive said that there may be no more.

So, what are ya waiting for? Let's get our mighty math powers on and save the show!

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