Please Do a #Rugrats #AllGrownUp Spin-Off Series starring Kimi Finster

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back in 2000, the Rugrats Movie "Rugrats In Paris premiered and it introduced Kimi and Kira Wantanabe as the newest addition to the Rugrats family and are now part of the Finster Family, but when were shown in the film, they didn't show Kimi enough in the movie, even though she's a new character. when they joined the cast of Rugrats in Season 7, she start to have a few episodes focused on her & Chuckie, but it wasn't enough for Kimi to grow as a character and with seasons 8 and 9 they weren't enough either. In All Grown Up there were a few episodes that focused on Kimi, the episode that focused on her the most was #MemiorsOfAFinster" which focused on Kimi as she wanted to learn about her Japanese Culture and her Mother showed her everything there is to know about her culture. There was also a teaser episode about a possible parring called #TPKF where Chuckie thinks Tommy has a crush on Kimi and it shows at the end of the episode they still have feelings for each other, which could've progressed more but the series was cancelled soon after.

Kimi Finster has a lot of potential plus she's a total sweetheart, and she deserves more screen time on both of those shows, plus let's not forget the final two seasons of Rugrats and later seasons of All Grown Up didn't give her enough development, so i think Kimi should star and have her own Spin-Off because it give her more character development, she will grow more as a character and maybe will more about her heritage, her crush on Tommy Pickles, hidden secrets about her Mother's former relationship with Hiro (her real father), Coco Labouche (I would love to see her come back as a main antagonist) and of course epic storylines & story arcs about her Japanese culture, plus I think that Kimi has a much more bigger backstory than any other character on the show.

It's not only Kimi needs to be the main focus of the show but her mother Kira as Well (played by the lovely Julia Kato) we fans want to see more of Kira and much more backstory to her past cause in #Rugrats & #AllGrownUp we've barley learn anything about until #MemorisOfAFinster so it be cool if we fans learn more about Kira's History 

Also another person must be involved in the SpinOff, Tommy Pickles, ever since the episode #TPKF, fans have been speculating and doing Fan-Arts and Fanfiction of Tommy & Kimi becoming a potential couple and i would love to see the continuation of #TPKF and hopefully they will become a couple. 

If Kimi does get a Spin-Off it would be about her becoming a (super)hero ninja, after receiving a powerful medallion called The Yin Yang (from her ancient ancestors) and must protect it from Coco Labouche while defend the town from dangerous villians and helping her mother unlock untold secrets about their heritage while balancing her Hero life and normal life. 

Kimi deserves better and she deserves to have her story told right, i mean we fans want to know "Why Kira & Hiro got a Divorce" "How did Coco and Kira Meet?" "Will Kimi And Tommy ever become a couple" 

If Rugrats does get revived this year or in 2019, and does well in the ratings for the following year (2020) this would be the next Big Spin-Off Series that the creators could do, if the #RugratsTVMovie becomes a hit. So Please if u want a More Kimi Finster then let's get the Spin-Off Made who's with me 

P.S. if the Spin-Off series does happen, Julia Kato needs to reprise her role as Kira because her voice as Kira is so sweet, innocent and lovable and it can't be a spin-off with her and #DionneQuan, i would love to see Dionne return as Kimi she has the sweetest voice and when you hear her voice, it makes u want to feel butter flies in your stomach. 

Let's Do this for all #Rugrats & #AllGrownUp Fans Eerywhere

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