OPERATION: Shut down the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (or put them online only)!

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Lately, the Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon are becoming a huge slogfest. Golly, I remember voting for the KCAs back in 2011 and I watched it, but some of my choices didn't win! (I've haven't watched a single awards show since November 2011.) I was thinking back then, "Hey, how did X get more votes than Y"? Not because they were more popular (example: Justin Bieber, One Direction, Harry Potter...), but because they are not just sometimes inappropriate, but they were made to win aka... RIGGED!

  • Rig (verb): To prearrange or tamper with a result or process; fix

Fast-forward to today, that word has been stuck in my head when it comes to talking about the KCAs. Think about it: We all know that SpongeBob is rigging the Favorite Cartoon award; he's won 14 (and 9 straight) and this year, he's very likely to win for the 10th time in a row, bringing it up to 15!! Can't Nick pick a cartoon to win other than SpongeBob?! But that's just the beginning: Favorite Book was ALWAYS Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Favorite Video Game is ALWAYS Just Dance, etc. Even in the past, from what I've researched, the KCAs have been rigged and that really upsets die-hard fans, including me!! We vote on our favorites and, because of the rigging, you choose someone or something else to win!! Yes, YOU!!!! Fifth Harmony over Twenty-One Pilots, Just Dance over Mario or any other video game, SpongeBob over any other cartoon, the list goes on and on.

What about the nominees and winners that were picked by Nickelodeon via popularity over quality and, lately, contain content inappropriate for Nick's target audience?

  • For starters, almost all of the music categories. Look at last year for example. Sure, I can understand the nominees for Favorite Male Artist, Female Artist, Music Group, etc. have appropriate content for Nick's target audience, but inappropriate content? That's another story. One word: EXPLICIT CONTENT! What were you thinking when you nominated the not-so-kid-friendly music nominees and, by doing so, letting them vote?! You, as parents, should be concerned about this. Not only that, Favorite Soundtrack went to Suicide Squad which is not only rated PG-13, but, again, same problem (Why didn't Warner Bros. put a Parental Advisory sticker on the front cover?!). Oh, and let's not forget the musical performances!!
  • Same goes for the Just Dance games; Despite the censorship they have and the dance moves(!!), you seriously have to keep letting that game win over Mario, the LEGO games, and Minecraft?
  • Some, if not, all of the movie categories, including Favorite Movie. Again with the popularity over quality, not to mention some of the PG-13 movies that are nominated contain language and sexual content (violence is fine)! Not good!
  • It's a similar case above for the Favorite TV Show - Family category.


According to Wikipedia, through publications on its website including staff reviews, (non peer-reviewed) research reports, and web-based newsletters, the Parents Television Council (PTC) proclaims television programs or other entertainment products to be beneficial or harmful to the development of children and actively works to ensure broadcasters and content producers conform to the council's advice. Why aren't they on the case for the Kids Choice Awards?  

All I can say is... WOW! Last year, there were horrible winners, including Fifth Harmony, Ghostbusters (2016), and Just Dance 2017, showing kids that no matter what they vote for, it's NICKELODEON'S CHOICE! There's no doubt this year (2018) will be the worst, and we, the signers of the petition, will boycott it and watch the ratings fall. The KCAs are getting more boring and cringe-worthy each year. I am Autistic and the KCAs has traumatized and angered me!!! I just want the KCAs to be about the KIDS!! I am asking to have the awards shows to be put online only or shut them down FOR GOOD!!! And while you're at it, make ALL your nominees suitable for Nickelodeon's target audience! And don't choose the winners; let the kids handle it!  

Let's get Nickelodeon to shut down the KCAs (or move them to online only) FOR GOOD!! Are you with me? #ShutDownKCAs

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