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Nickelodeon and Klasky Csupo Productions Please Make a Rugrats Revival

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In the early 90's Nickelodeon and Klasky Csupo Productions released an amazing show, and that show was called "Rugrats"! Several people grew up woth this show and enjoyed it! It was the number one show on Nickelodeon and its movie "Rugrats: The Movie" made 100 Million Dollars at the box office and it beat several Disney movies! Nickelodeon is garbage these days and it only airs SpongeBob Sqaurepants and The Loud House and other shows that try to revive the network but none of them can do the same such as older Nicktoons like Hey Arnold, CatDog and the most important one Rugrats! A Rugrats Revival would be a great show for newer fans and older fans to enjoy! In August 2016 the creators of Rugrats (Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo) talked to the VP of Nickelodeon and asked about a Rugrats Revival and the VP of Nickelodeon said "Its possible!". Please sign this petition to bring back Tommy, Chuckie and the rest of the gang! Please Subscribe To My YouTube for more news and updates about this petition and more here:

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