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Have Shimmer and Shine be Like Season 1 Again

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Shimmer and Shine's first season episodes were a joy to watch. They were humorous, cheerful, and taught kids why it is important to keep trying after making a mistake. In addition, all of the characters were delightful and added so many good things to the episodes.

The first season's art-style and animation is charming; it gives the show an element of allurement that makes it stand out from other shows. Season 2, on the other hand, does not seem to hold the same level of magic in its 3D art-style and animation that season 1 has, and it is rather disappointing as it makes the show feel somewhat lackluster.

Zac was in every season 1 episode, which made seeing those episodes all the more worthwhile. In season 2, his onscreen presence is largely reduced to just a few episodes. While having Zac's onscreen presence reduced may not ruin the show, it would be much better to give him at least a considerable amount of screen time in every episode as seeing him in his adventures with Leah in the human world and Zahramay Falls will make future episodes more enjoyable.

With all that has been said, please use the 2D art-style again and have Zac appear in every episode again; it will make the show marvelous again.

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