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Bring back and make season 3 of make it pop

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I believe that Nickelodeon has cut a great series short. Make It Pop is an American musical comedy television series created by Thomas W. Lynch and Nick Cannon that premiered on Nickelodeon on March 26, 2015, and "ended" on Nickelodeon on August 20, 2016. The series stars Megan Lee, Louriza Tronco, Erika Tham, and Dale Whibley. Make it pop is about three teenage girls who don't appear to have much in common, other than going to the same school, come together to form a K-pop-inspired band in this musical comedy series. Diva Sun Hi (Megan Lee), fashionista Jodi (Louriza Tronco) and bookworm Corki (Erika Tham) are randomly selected to room together at their boarding school. They soon go from being roommates to bandmates when they -- with assistance from classmate and aspiring DJ Caleb (Dale Whibley) -- form musical group XO-IQ. The members must balance schoolwork and relationships as they continue to grow the band, eventually becoming a sensation throughout the school. Although the show's events are fictional, XO-IQ is a real band featuring the show's stars. In season 2 they also introduced another band and more characters to the show, and when season 3 was still the thoughts there was suppose to be more new character, and more drama.

This show has brought me, my family, and other kids, teens, adults, and families together around the world. This show made me and my little bond and become closer as siblings for the first time really sense he was born. My family would sit around the TV every night watch it together just as many other families did across the United States and other countries around the world. This show taught kids and teens that it doesn't matter what people say about you or what you can or can't do because all that matters is what you want to do, what you want to become, and that you can do anything you put heart too. Like me for example, before this show I didn't think I could do what I really wanted to or what I dreamed about because I also had people putting me down about it saying things like I was to ugly, to skinny, to fat, to short, to tall, I was called dumb and stupid about it not just by kids that were so called my friends but by family too but now this show made me want to try to work as an actor and model both here in the United States and in South Korea and work as hard as I can to do it too, just to prove them wrong. This show also opened up a new world of music to me. Some of the actresses and actors on the show and the band itself (XO-IQ which is a Kpop band) introduced me to the genre of Kpop when the show first came out in 2015 and ever sense then I have loved the music and can't get enough of it. I have shown my friends some of the girl groups, boy groups, and solo artists that I listen to and they like it too and now listen to it. Kpop is now apart of my life and has gotten me interested in South Korea and the South Korean culture. 

Nickelodeon released the "last episode(s)" of Make it pop on August 20, 2016 with the 2 part summer splash episode. The only reason they would have for cancelling this beloved TV show is because the ratings went down a little bit after season 2 but not enough to cancel it in my opinion. There are shows still on the air today with lower ratings then what Make it pop had. There is so much more they could do and lead on that there was so much that they were going to do.

Please sign this petition and tell Nickelodeon that we want a season 3 and more seasons of Make It Pop. So that my family and other families around the world can enjoy this TV show series again, and so my little brother and me have something to bond over again. If we win this petition many families will be able to come together again to enjoy the series, if we lose many kids and families with have there hopes of the series returning gone and their hearts broken. I have seen many young kids, teenagers and even adults in my family and not in family already cry over this show being gone, please help me bring it it back and make them smile and laugh again.

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