Nickelodeon: Create Avatar: The Legend of Abioye

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We loved Avatar the Last Air Bender, and Legends of Korra and we want more of the Avatar universe. I declare that Nickelodeon starts working on Avatar, Legends of Abioye.  From the lush jungle lands of a hidden continent yet to be documented on any known map comes rumors of a powerful young earth bender named Abioye. He lives his life on the run with his Zeion (zebra lion) named Imari, and his other friends as he is a coveted prize of the ruling "Earth bending King" (most powerful earth bender of this earth bending gang that has stolen riches from all over the world and quickly rose to power) that resides over the lands for Aboiyes unprecedented ability to bend gold. Why run from a life of luxury and riches for all your days you ask? Simple, Abioye dreams of traveling the world and using his gifts to bring fortune to downtrodden lands under oppression from selfish and greedy rulers. It isn't long before his abilities become famous among his neighboring lands and he is tested by random lost sailors from a distant water bender tribe and is told that he is the next incarnation of the Avatar. But he has never bended anything other than earth and gold, he has no idea how to learn them. As this amazing news spreads, the King already in hot pursuit of him, decides to spare no expense on a full on country-wide man hunt to capture and own Abioye for himself. Now equipped with the proper incentive, Abioye, Imari, and his friends happily begins his journey to other unknown lands with a greedy king on his heels. 

All credit for the idea and story goes to Marcus Williams. Check out this website for more characters and story line.

This would be a great next Avatar story and should be made.